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Love Poem From Quarantine (52)

I can’t hold April from Six feet away, can’t Smell her, kiss her, Taste her from behind This cotton mask. A spring of many mouths— Chickweed opening its lips To the anxious wasp, The first drowsy honey Bees, pollen-thick thighs, Tongues licking purple red Buds, lavender-perfumed Lilacs. Dogwood spied Spectral through the Greening forest— All at a distance, All a [...]

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For John Prine (Farm Poem 51)

There’s a green river never far. At the waking cusp of sleep, Where around each bend I find myself looking back As often as forward— The paddle dripping silver— To catch a glimpse of precisely What I’ll never see again. The pink moon moves, Pushed by black clouds. There are no contrails tonight, No geometry of sky, Only the winking [...]

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Pre-Order for Virginia Farmers’ Markets

Due to social-distancing restrictions placed on Virginia farmers' markets, we are are temporarily offering pre-orders from Monday through Wednesday night (Wednesday midnight cutoff), for delivery to market each weekend. This affects our Saturday Falls Church, Del Ray, and Arlington Courthouse markets, as well as Sunday's Columbia Pike market--customers at Dupont Circle and Takoma Park can still shop at market as [...]

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Aesthetically Invasive (50)

I see you, western New York, Finger lakes wolf-clawed Across the map, sleeting sheets Of snow peppering the salted Highway. Two hundred and fifty six Miles of abandoned tractors, Silos filled with hollow sky, Green verge of fencerow And shaggy headed reeds, Aesthetically invasive, nodding “Yes, yes” where Wegman’s Parking lot meets the marsh. This is precisely the same Everywhere, [...]

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Auld Lang Syne (48)

I’m still in love, It turns out, After all this time. Where else was there to be? The woman walks her dog Along the sidewalk, conspicuously Avoiding eye contact, and I can’t know her pain. The boy stares into his screen, Watching himself play himself, And I look over his shoulder, My own blue eyes reflected. Those nested acres of [...]

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