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Fallen Fence (v.2.4)

The fence in the woods Has finally fallen, Propped all this time by The sinewed remains of Honeysuckled deer bones, Single mistimed leaps Where, twisting, twisting, The leg at last is liberated And the carcass molders to Apatite and phosphate, Bowled into the lap of soil. Have you followed these fences Too? Rusted intent, its barbed Wire poised to puncture [...]

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Ain’t Nothing Straight (v.2.3)

So long, 2020. Here's a reluctant paean: Ain’t nothing straight: This farm house Bain to masons; The jigsawed barn Anathema— in 2007 A one-footed carpenter Threw his hammer over The hill, and I found It years later Ensconced with rust; In 1999, the Venetian Complimented the fence rows— So straight, so precise— Ignoring the rolling hills. The wind? Not straight [...]

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Two Hawks (v.2.2)

A pair of sharp-shinned hawks Found our farm. Never Far from one another, Perched in the outstretched arms Of hackberries—trees, in their way, Probably not much Older than the birds. I made Rounds on the tractor, mowing winter Blackberries, burgundy Canes guarding thick blankets Of dead grass—mouse’s houses— Summer pasture passed over, Too prickly for the delicate lips of Cattle. [...]

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The Edge of Wild (v.2.1)

The edge of wild, where Hickory and goldenrod nod Cobwebbed September awake— Afternoon heat from the asphalt, And the sweetly stinking carcass Picked over by the black-headed Buzzards until, sated and flown, Timid turkey vultures approach, Sadly hopping forth with hope. You've seen this broken Scene, the forty six year Old man, castaway in the wreck Of self-loathing bones— Oh, [...]

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Smith Meadows Sells St. Louis Style Spare Ribs

How to Cook Smith Meadows Spare Ribs One of the questions we hear regularly at farmers market is, "What kind of pork ribs do you have?" Smith Meadows Spare Ribs are St. Louis style ribs. This means that they are taken from the whole spareribs of the hog, which have had the brisket bone and some meat surrounding it removed so [...]

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Stay Cool with Liquid Health: Pho Base and Sipping Broth

Bone Broth has become my newest On the Go Energy during the heat of summer. In VA it comes early... that season where even eating becomes a chore because of how hot and humid it gets. I usually pare down my menus to enormous salads with a little bit of our fajita sandwich steaks, or basil garlic beef sausage stir [...]

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