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What I Don’t Know

I heard it first from Socrates— Wind through the mind, Rosemary blossoms and bumblebees. What I don't know could fill a universe. An atheist in high school, dismissing Warring clans. Trademarking truth! Pragmatically insisting that What I don't know could fill a universe. I was married, divorced. With all The best intentions of course. So many opportunities. Am I cursed? [...]

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We Do Well To Let Go

Abrupt distractions— Cherry petals affixed To my boot soles, now Peppering the pavement. No, not pepper— Pastel. Softness, The sopping skies Salted with sighs, Cars cresting the round Mountain, moving Clouds in all directions. Neon vaporous April. We forget! How abruptly We are reminded— Trails of cherry Blossoms beneath our feet, We do well to let go.

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Two Sycamores Along Route 7, Near Berryville, Virginia

Not far from the highway Two sycamores rise from The same stump, so alike In every way they appear To be twins. But nothing is Completely identical; lives Are composed of contrast. And although from the road They seem to be greeting Passersby synchronistically, It's just as easy to interpret One is waving goodbye to The other: "I'm aware you [...]

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When you were a child, How did you play? Before reading any further, Pause. Recall. Remember the smell of play. Its delicious tastes. Remember your heart In your ears, the steady Pulse of white noise. How exciting! The feeling Of surrendering all senses— Two disembodied eyes. For that is what you were, Floating, timeless, Now. Observing who You were. You [...]

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Eating Spicebush Berries

It's strange to know the title Before the title appears. Receiving— Researchers at the University of Virginia report that most reincarnations Occur within five hundred kilometers Of the avatar's death. Prior memories Typically dissolve by age six: Cobwebs. Distractions. Sunlight. Potomac, I have known your silty Banks for how long? From before— Gabardine green. I carried a girl frog- Like [...]

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All Of Autumn

These scattered prairie clouds— Such blush! Oh, the pink Brightening of autumn, drought- Dusted leaves muddy with September Rain. Do you remember the rain? It pours sometimes, doesn't it— Always in the past. Always in Some brighter moment which is Not now—I've heard you grumble! Look. The greening pastures Engorged with sweetness. Look. The final blue moon—that is, until The [...]

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