Our pigs are a mixture of several breeds, from the fabulously marbled Berkshires and Tamworths to the curly tailed Old Spots and white belted Hampshires. All of our pigs are raised on grass here on the farm from young pigs that we procure from local farms. They are allowed to roam freely in our apple orchards and fields.

There, they are able to fully express themselves, rooting and grazing, playing and loafing. They have access to locally grown, chemical free corn and barley if they choose to have a snack. On a cold morning, you can find our pigs nestled in the clean straw that we provide them, sleeping late into the day.

When you come to visit our farm, make sure you take time to visit the pigs.  Be sure to smell the air.  Everyone knows pigs smell bad, right?  Not our pigs.  When the animals are allowed to roam freely, they live in harmony with nature.  Our customers say they can taste this in our sausages, and chops.  Let us know what you discover.