Easy Pho Recipe from Smith Meadows Kitchen made with local greens and kimchi

Easy Pho Recipe from Smith Meadows Kitchen

Pho (pronounced /fər/ or FUH, in Vietnamese) is delicious, but can be intimidating to make. Here’s a super easy version made with our Fajita Sandwich Strips using local greens and kimchi.


1 package Smith Meadows fajita sandwich strips

1/2-1 cup spicy No. 1 Son’s Kimchi

1/2 cup diced onion

2-3 TBSP green curry paste

1-2 TBSP organic tamari or soy sauce

6-8 large locally grown collard green leaves (or an equal amount of other, easy to sautée green)

1/3 box of Smith Meadows Whole Spelt and Oat Pasta (or any Smith Meadows Noodle)

2 pints Smith Meadows Beef or Turkey Broth

Marinade Cut Fajita Strips in Tamari, 1 TBSP Curry Paste & Kimchi

Cut Greens to Same Size as Noodles

Sauté Greens in Olive Oil, Onions & 1 TBSP Curry Paste

Let the Onions cook Until Wilted

Sauté Beef Strips 2 Minutes

Cook Noodles in Boiling Water for 1 Minute

Add Beef, Greens and Noodles to the 2 Pints of Broth

Place Noodles, Beef and Greens into Large Bowls

Ladle Extra Broth On Top