Forrest Pritchard

Forrest has been farming professionally since 1996. His new book The Face of Our Farms: 18 Extraordinary Farmers and Their 50 Favorite Recipes will be published Summer 2015 by Lyons Press.

5 responses to “How To Raise Pigs On Pasture”

  1. Susan Marquis (@susanlmarquis)

    Hard to imagine where one (prospective farmer or interested consumer) would find a more thorough or thoughtful run down on sustainably, and ethically, raising pigs. Want to know where your food comes from ? Take the time to read this essay.

  2. Mandy

    Very nice plan. I can see using this for free-range chickens as well. Watching the pasture rest and renew must be extremely satisfying. I love watching nature take steps to rejuvenate itself.

  3. Steve Ernst

    Forrest, Excellent job describing your system. Per my bias it is important to note that a structured breeding plan of genetics designed to thrive in the outdoor environment is key for success. Keep up the great management and outstanding prose!

  4. Stephanie

    Hi Forrest – can you expand on what you feed your pigs (ie. what ratio of barley to wheat? anything else other than grain and pasture?) I have pastured pigs in Nova Scotia – and am trying to fine tune my non-GMO home-made grain mixture – experimenting with fermenting and addition of (a wee bit of) whey. But would love to know what works for you – am finding it nearly impossible to find any “recipes” online that don’t rely on corn or soy or an abundance of whey/milk. Do you make any changes as the pigs age? Can you recommend an online source for feed information? Thanks so much. Loved your book by the way ;)

  5. Sam Bass

    Hi Forrest,

    I have a 160 farm that has only had a few horses and some cattle on in for the last few years. It has maybe 60 acres of fairly flat pasture land and the rest in trees with a lot of underbrush. I am new to farming but have been sold on Salatin’s ideals. My wife recently died of cancer and I am convinced that the normal American diet is a major problem. I cannot afford cattle at this time. I would like to do chickens and pigs to start out with. I am not sure how to start. Should I use your mob grazing chicken or tractors? Should I put pigs in the woods as Joel does? I am 62 and have three young children still at home and we are excited about doing this. However, at my age I do not need to make a lot of mistakes. Besides I want my children to get the most out of learning how to do this with success. I also home-school. Another reason I desire to do this is to help my friends in Africa and South America. We tried traditional american farming with some of them and it has failed miserably. I am hoping this might become a training/resource center for them. Do you do consulting? Any assistance you may offer will be appreciated.
    Love your blog.

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