Weekly Kitchen Menu

Each week we bring a number of flavored noodles, plain noodles, hand-made ravioli, sauces, pestos, and prepared foods.  We update this menu each week, so look for what is coming to your local market this weekend.

April-When Things Hatch

April-When Things Hatch

April 25-26

To celebrate Spring we have delicious soups that can be served chilled or warm: Watercress, Split Pea and Coriander Carrot. A perfect tonic for a change of seasons!

Plain Noodle Varieties ($5/10oz. Box) serves 2 people

Winter Wheat & Oat,  Whole Spelt & Oat

Flavored Noodle Varieties

Parsley & Chive Pasta- A simple and classic flavor of pasta. Parsley is a subtle flavor that combines well with tomatoes or a cream sauce. Al aglio e olio come in Italia, or with our hearty Bolognese!

Green Garlic & Dill- Our most distinct flavor that does perfectly on its own.  Can be tossed with a little olive oil or a quick sauce made with tomatoes that are quickly sautéed with browned garlic with some shaved parmesan.

Hand Made Ravioli  ($7/box of 18 vegetarian ravioli, $9/box of 18 meat filled ravioli) serves 2 people

Mixed Greens Ravioli- Classic Italian ravioli made with a blend of kale, mustard greens and tat soi finely chopped and blended with ricotta from Keswick Creamery. This is Nancy’s favorite flavor. These are the most versatile ravioli Smith Meadows makes. They can be served with any sauce or on their own.

Sweet Potato Ravioli- Made with locally grown sweet potatoes, fresh parsley, and parmesan cheese.  This is one of our lighter ravioli and can be served with a stir fry or steamed vegetables.

Home Cooked Sauces (prices vary)

Bolognese Meat Sauce- A classic Italian sauce made with our ground beef, Italian sausage, allspice, bay leaf and burgundy wine.  It goes very well with all of our plain flavors, but is best with Spelt & Oat. ($7/ 16 oz. tub)

Neapolitan Marinara- A classic from Napoli made with toasted garlic and oregano, this can top your pizza, your pasta, or serve as base for vegetarian lasagna. ($6/ 16 oz. tub)

Other Prepared Foods (prices vary)

Black Bean & Beef Chili- Our lean ground beef slow simmered in a blend of cumin, coriander, tarragon, basil, and cayenne pepper with black beans and tomatoes. A popular chili at market. ($8/16oz tub)

Coriander Carrot Soup- A creamy soup (WITHOUT CREAM) spiced with coriander, sage, cumin, chili, and black pepper. Light, but also filling. A perfect savory combination of spices that brings carrot back from the edge of too sweet! ($6 for 16oz tub)

Ruth’s Watercress Soup- Watercress, potatoes, leeks, onions, salt & pepper. Made from Julia Child’s original recipe for Potage au Cresson. Ruth loves this soup and has eaten it with watercress that grows on this farm since she was a girl. A taste of early Spring! ($7 for 16oz tub)

Split Pea Soup with Maple Sugar Cured Ham- A light soup made with a base of Smith Meadows turkey stock and maple sugar cured ham with bay leaf and a splash of sherry to make it all come together. ($7 for 16oz tub)