Weekly Kitchen Menu

January-Year Round Markets

January-Year Round Markets

Each week we bring a number of flavored noodles, plain noodles, hand-made ravioli, sauces, pestos, and prepared foods.  We update this menu each week, so look for what is coming to your local market this weekend.

January 24-25, 2014

Plain Noodle Varieties ($5/10oz. Box) serves 2 people

Winter Wheat & Oat,  Whole Spelt & Oat

Flavored Noodle Varieties

Parsley Cilantro- A subtle flavor best served with a light tomato sauce or a salsa fresca made with cherry tomatoes, with seafood, or as a base for pad thai. It’s also delicious on its own with just a little olive oil as a side dish to a roasted meat.

Nutmeg Squash- One of our signature flavors, made with locally grown, deep orange squash.  A light buttery flavor with a hint of nutmeg.  Serve with a hearty mushroom sauce or a stir fry of seasonal vegetables.

Hand Made Ravioli  ($7/box of 18 vegetarian ravioli, $9/box of 18 meat filled ravioli) serves 2 people

Mixed Greens Ravioli- Classic Italian ravioli made with a blend of kale, mustard greens and tat soi finely chopped and blended with ricotta from Keswick Creamery.  This is Nancy’s favorite flavor. These are the most versatile ravioli Smith Meadows makes.  They can be served with any sauce or on their own.

Thai Basil Ravioli- Very Flavorful. They can be served with a tomato sauce or just a little bit of olive oil. 

Home Cooked Sauces (prices vary)

Amatriciana Sauce- A twist on a classic Roman recipe, we use gin instead of vodka, and lots of coriander with a bit of cayenne pepper to give it some heat. It goes beautifully with our spelt & oat pasta. ($7/ 16 oz. tub)

Tomato Tarragon- Made with carrots and tarragon, it has a sweeter taste than a garlic/tomato sauce would. ($6/ 16 oz. tub)

Other Prepared Foods (prices vary)

Tuscan Bean Soup- Made with our sweet Italian sausage, slow cooked with white beans, tomatoes, garlic, white wine and kale in a rich chicken broth. ($6 for 16oz tub)

Chili Verde- Nancy’s favorite from the kitchen. Made with roasted organic tomatillos from local farms and Smith Meadows Ground Pork with a little bit of cilantro, it is the tastiest chili in town. ($8 for 16oz tub)

Coriander Carrot Soup- A creamy soup (WITHOUT CREAM) spiced with coriander, sage, cumin, chili, and black pepper. Light, but also filling. A perfect savory combination of spices that brings carrot back from the edge of too sweet! ($6 for 16oz tub)

Turkey Noodle Soup- We cook our free-range turkeys and then make a rich broth. Combined with cabbage, turnips, onions, tomatoes and white wine, this makes the best soup. It is full of umami! ($6 for 16oz tub)

Spicy Jerk Turkey Empanadas- Smith Meadows Turkey cooked with a blend of ginger, sweet chili, garlic, paprika, allspice, lemon grass, thyme, nutmeg, black pepper, cumin, red pepper and jalapeno!  All wrapped in our signature light, grass-fed lard based dough. ($8/ box of 3)

Apple Raisin Empanada- The perfect apply pie filling with a little cinnamon, raisins allspice and sugar wrapped in our golden butter crust.  A perfect mid-day treat or serve it for breakfast alongside our scrambled eggs. (pack of 3 for $8)

Sausage Empanadas- Made our habanero spicy sausage and a blend of carrots, celery & onions in a lard based dough, they are even harder to resist than the beef empanadas. ($8/ box of 3)

Turkey Pot Pie- A savory, flaky pie for two stuffed with our turkey and a creamy medley of peas, carrots, celery and onions seasoned with sage and nutmeg in a rich white wine gravy. Delicious!  ($14/pie)

Beef Shepherd’s Pot Pie- A rich  beef stew made with our ground lamb, beef, porcini mushrooms, carrots, celery, peas, potatoes and tomatoes in a rich red wine gravy wrapped in our signature flaky crust.  ($14/pie)