Smith Meadows Kitchen

Making Pasta in Italy

Nancy Polo makes Green Pasta with her son & stepfather in Valli del Pasubio

Nancy Polo began making pasta at Smith Meadows in 2003

Good food has been the core of my family for many generations. My mother and father came with little else from Italy in the early 1960’s, and I was fortunate enough to share in this heritage. The recipes made at Smith Meadows Kitchen reflect years of our experimentation, and many meals shared with friends and family. Each season spent with local farmers, and loyal customers at the farmers’ markets only deepens my connection and commitment to delicious, nutritious and sustainably produced food.  I also return to Italy often where I draw inspiration for recipes.  My goal is to contribute to a legacy of slow food– artisanal food made with local ingredients that can only come from one place.  When people eat from Smith Meadows, I want them to walk away with a delicious taste in their mouth and our story on their minds.

In order to achieve this I write about my adventures in food as I weave the elements of my journey into my recipes.  Stay tuned for my kitchen notes where I will share exploration of everything food– from anti-Berlusconi picnics to stinging nettle pasta alla Liliana.  I encourage all my customers to contribute their own stories and recipes.  Our slow food will be much more authentic with a multitude of shared experiences.

For more on what we make in our kitchen each week, here is a link to our menu.  It is updated each week to reflect what we will be selling at Farmers’ Market each weekend.

Buon Appetito!