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New York Times bestselling author Forrest has been farming professionally since 1996. His new book Growing Tomorrow, Behind the Scenes with 18 Extraordinary Sustainable Farmers Who Are Changing the Way We Eat debuted October 2015 by the award-winning press The Experiment.

12 responses to “Pastured Turkey Basics”

  1. Graham

    Wow! I wished we were able to get food here in Australia as cheaply as you guys get it over there. I’d pay $84 for a 12lb pastured turkey without a problem as over the same pastured turkey will costs me $144 which makes a turkey dinner very expensive!!

    Great article on raising turkeys though. Do you use the same alley based rotation system for turkeys as you do for chickens or do you have larger paddocks that you rotate them through? How long do you leave a paddock before allowing the turkeys back onto it?

  2. Steve


    What does it mean to have “virtually no leg issues”?


    City Slicker

  3. sixpinesfarm

    Hi Forrest,

    I wanted to thank you first of all for your awesomely written book, Gaining Ground. I enjoyed it so much and learned even more. I put in several late nights reading!
    Thank you for this great article on pastured turkeys. As a small farmer in Ontario, Canada, I am limited to only being allowed to raise 50 turkeys per year. I think because of that, we don’t get a lot of other small farmers writing articles or anything about raising pastured turkeys. Your turkey tips will be a big help to me for when I raise my next batch in the spring!

    Six Pines Farm

  4. Denise Shideler

    Forrest, are we still able to order a turkey from you? I’m late, I know! We are close, in Winchester, and have enjoyed your products. Met your mom one evening when we came out to buy some meat and pasta.

  5. Arnold

    I heard a radio program this morning which said heritage turkeys are black, blue, and anything other than white. Which breed do you raise?

  6. Celeste Hampton

    Almost finished with your book! Thank you for addressing so many of my exact concerns! I have 3 acres, with one and a half forestted. Can I keep chickens and goats here?

  7. foodfightfarm

    Do you raise heritage breeds? If so, at what age do you butcher and what’s their average dressed weight? Thanks!

  8. Vaishali

    I own a 20 acre farm in India and would like to raise turkeys. Can anyone help me find a buyer?

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