Forrest Pritchard

Forrest has been farming professionally since 1996. His new book The Farmer In Your Kitchen: A Celebration of Extraordinary Farmers and Local Flavors will be published Fall 2015 by the award-winning press The Experiment.

6 responses to “Organic Farming Explained Through 80s Sitcom Songs”

  1. Andrea

    You’re hilarious. Reading this post was as good as a ride with Marty in the time machine back to the future.

  2. Rob Aldrich

    Great post! Speaking of “Take on Me” you HAVE to watch this literal version (I think it came out after Volkswagen co-opted the song for their new commercial) it is laugh-out-loud-alone-in-front-of-your-computer funny:

  3. Zachary J Rodman

    A little penicillin ought to knock that St. Elmo’s Fire right out for you, buddy.

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