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Lumbersexuals, Tattoos & Zombies

6 Reasons Why Sustainable Farming Will Be the Hottest Career of 2015

Shoveling out our chickens last winter.

Support Local Farms? Then Never Do What This Guy Did

Click to read the farmer’s response.

NYT Hosts Food Summit, Doesn't Invite Farmers

NYT Hosts Food Summit, Doesn’t Invite Farmers

On November 11th and 12th, nineteen experts will speak about the future of food. Not one is a full-time farmer.

How To Farm Successfully

How To Farm Successfully

Want To Own A Farm? 5 Important Tips No One Ever Told You

First Time Shopping At Farmers' Market?

First Time Shopping At Farmers’ Market?

5 Things To Know Before You Go

How TV Has Made Us Stupid About Farming

How TV Has Made Us Stupid About Farming

From parachuting cows to illiterate farmers, television has effectively dumbed down agriculture