Our cattle are raised on pasture their entire lives.  This means that they are outside, free-ranging year round, and only eating fresh grasses, legumes and wild forbs. They never receive grain of any kind. We practice rotational, intensive grazing, so our cattle are constantly eating only the richest, most nutritious pasture. In the very depths of winter we feed all-natural hay that we harvest here on the farm to sustain them till the spring. We use no synthetic chemicals on our farm, including commercial fertilizers, antibiotics, or growth hormones.

Raising cattle this way takes time. It typically requires two full years to raise a steer or heifer that we feel is ready to be sent to the local abattoir. A properly grass-finished steer not only means the meat will be more nutritious, tender, and flavorful, but it also fosters a genuinely sustainable agricultural environment. When you eat beef raised at Smith Meadows, you are savoring the fertile landscape of our local foodshed.

Feel free to visit our farm and see the animals yourself, or stop by one of our farmers’ market with any questions you might have.