Francesca's New PlaceDear Gertrude,

I’m pleased to report our move to the new house has gone well. We arrived almost a month ago, and we couldn’t be happier. The bedrooms are spacious, with long perches so there’s no need to fuss at bedtime. As Mother always said, tranquility is of utmost importance for proper circadian rhythms. Although my spot is several flights up, the ramps make the climb easy. Eugenia has complained some, but she is so hard to please.

The mornings are my favorite. I like to sleep in while everyone else gets to the dining room early. It’s not too crowded, but some of the others get pushy when breakfast is being served. It’s best to start the day with some stretches and a cool drink of water for proper digestion. The plumbing is great. I prefer the taste of spring fed well water. My allergies have calmed down considerably with the new carpeting. The landlord is very good about scheduled maintenance.

The roof has had some leaks that are under repair, but the sunlight is so pretty. I prefer to get outside as often as possible. Violet and I go out for a walk around the neighborhood after breakfast. The new security system has made me sleep well. I don’t get nearly as nervous about owls or weasels, and the hawks have no chance with the long yard here. I haven’t shed a feather since the beginning of February.

There will be more to report once the grass turns green. The taste of winter roughage does start to get monotonous in March. Thanks for the beak warmers, I will pass the extras out to my roommates.

Give my best to Mother.



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