At Smith Meadows, we take great pride in our mission to create a healthy farm environment, thereby producing healthy and contented animals.

Our cattle, pigs, goats sheep and chickens are regularly rotated to a fresh paddock of grass. Grass-fed animals produce naturally leaner meats with the added benefits of beta-carotene, Omega-3 fatty acids and CLA. The anti-oxidant Vitamin E, which is derived from fresh pasture, is a bonus for our customers.

All of our animals are handled humanely from the day they are born. They are never fed animal by-products, given growth hormones or antibiotics.

In addition, the pastures have not been chemically fertilized or treated with pesticides and herbicides.

The result is a beautiful, healthy farm environment where all the animals are able to flourish, naturally.

We are a family friendly environment where you are welcome to roam the fields and see the animals up close. Please confirm when calling so that a staff person or a family-member will be available to assist you at the farm.