Turkeys in December

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Still need a turkey for that other holiday?

Smith Meadows will have a few extra birds at each of our markets until we run out. There are only one to three birds that will come to each market, so come early if you want a turkey.

December-All is Calm, All is Bright

December-All is Calm, All is Bright

Smith Meadows Turkeys 10-11lbs $6.99/lb 

For 20 years, Smith Meadows has raised the finest free-range turkeys in the Washington DC area. Always free to roam on pasture, never confined, and without any artificial supplements–EVER. We hope you’ll agree: You won’t find a finer turkey for your Thanksgiving meal. Like all good things in life, however, supply is limited. As always, the turkeys are frozen, because that’s what the federal inspector wants us to do. It takes two days to thaw a turkey in  your refrigerator and it does come with giblets.