The Chicken Class

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September 25th Cooking Class

The Chicken Class

Major Recipe Ingredients and Sources:

Roasted Chicken with Apples
Smith Meadows Chicken, Sunnyside and/or Toigo Orchard Apples, Onions from 3 Way Farm, Herbs from Vine Ripe Farm, Greens from Oak Hart Farm

Chicken Cacciatore
Smith Meadows Chicken, Mushroom Stand Mushrooms, Onions from 3 Way Farm

Chicken Fricasse
Smith Meadows Chicken, Onions from 3 Way Farm, Herbs from Vine Ripe Farm

Class Components:

Tour of the Chickens on the Farm
How are our chickens raised? What does that mean for your health and theirs? We will take our students out to see how our chickens are raised.

Chicken Economics (What Local Chicken Means)
Comparing the price of industrially produced chickens to our chickens.  Who benefits with each bird? What are the effects on the environment and on you with each kind of bird?

Knife Techniques
Keeping your knives sharp and using them well.

Cooking Math
Metric conversions and knowing how to plan the meal for extra guests.

Sourcing Your Ingredients
Where you can buy your ingredients locally and how to incorporate them easily into your weekly routine.

Making the Recipes

Cacciatore and Fricasse are terms that are often heard without really knowing what they mean.  As we learn to cook, we will discuss the origin of these recipes.

With examples from 3 Fox Vineyard, we will talk about pairing wines with a meal.
Clean Up
Let’s Eat