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New York Times bestselling author Forrest has been farming professionally since 1996. His new book Growing Tomorrow, Behind the Scenes with 18 Extraordinary Sustainable Farmers Who Are Changing the Way We Eat debuted October 2015 by the award-winning press The Experiment.

13 responses to “Will the Media Ever ‘Get’ the Organic Food Movement?”

  1. Barbara Esstman

    Nice writing, good thoughts!

  2. Tracy Seman

    Great article. My husband pointed out an article to me this week in our paper too saying there is no benefit to eating organic. I don’t read the paper or watch the news. It just frustrates me. Anytime something good is going on… movement towards organic and true health (no processed junk foods) you can bet the paper or news will report something against is. So sad.

  3. Heather Szklarski

    Great article, thanks! My husband and I run a small farm, part-time and though we do have I-pods and watch the Daily Show via internet…we don’t have a TV, watch sports or own I-phones (and don’t intend to get one, either.) We were also, not so shocked at the results of this study and still believe that organic is healthier simply because fewer dangerous chemicals are being unleashed into the environment and the food system.
    I always enjoy your writing…keep it up!

  4. Lynette

    Greetings, my husband and I are Organic Farmers here in Western NY and we were fortunate to have YNN out of Rochester NY come to our Farm and talk to us about what Organic farmers have to say about the recent study released from Stanford University. Take a look at how we answered their questions concerning this study. Look up YNN Rochester on Facebook to see our interview!

  5. Lynsi

    Another great blog post, Forrest. Thank you.

  6. James

    Thanks, Forrest. I really enjoyed this. I think about this kind of thing all the time here where I eat from a “farmers market” everyday (although everyone just calls it a maket). There really are no big surprises in organic farming. My parents have done it for years and I’m living in a culute where people would scoff at the idea of walking into a big name store and buying produce or meat that was harvested a week ago. Keep up the good work (both blogging and farming).

    1. James Ankers

      Still here for the foreseeable future.

  7. Heather McPhail

    Hi, Forrest,

    I have been a grass-fed meat and organic veggies and fruits consumer for years. My heart sank when I saw the headlines, but when I read the small article in the Washington Post, there was no mention about the quality of the soil or produce itself in terms of nutrients and taste. What about the fact that most organic produce TASTES better, and therefore people are more likely to EAT it! I believe that is why so many people don’t eat their vegetables. What about the fact that many, at least smaller, organic farmers are building up their soil quality? What about the fact that organic produce exposes farm workers to fewer chemicals?

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