Forrest Pritchard

Forrest has been farming professionally since 1996. His new book The Farmer In Your Kitchen: A Celebration of Extraordinary Farmers and Local Flavors will be published Fall 2015 by the award-winning press The Experiment.

14 responses to “How Are Mushrooms Grown?”

  1. Katje Scott

    I grow Oyster Mushrooms in New Mexico and i was wondering why you use black plastic. I use clear and wanted to know if it made a difference.

  2. Jennifer Lee

    As someone who eats at least a carton of shiitakes a week, I really appreciated the tour and seeing where my shrooms come from! Thanks, Forrest and Phillips Farm!

  3. Trista

    That was such a cool virtual tour! Thanks for enduring a beard guard for us, and for taking lots of pictures. I remember the incredible quality of the Dupont Market mushroom lady and always wanted to see her operation. MMMMmmmmmm, maitake! Shiitake! Mouth watering now.

  4. Libby@Everything's Coming Up Green

    This was so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Suzy

    I am curious – TV chefs keep telling us to not wash mushrooms like we wash vegetables because they soak up the water. They all suggest simply wipe them with a damp towel to remove the dirt. So isn’t that not sanitary if they are grown in manure? I am thinking of all the diseases that transfers through the fecal-oral route…

  6. Cookie Kinder

    What an intertesting tour. Thank you. Am sending this to my son. Know he will like it too.

  7. Carol Bentley

    I really enjoyed this, Forrest. Thank you.

  8. VP1979

    Loved the tour. Simply awesome!

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