New York Times bestselling author Forrest has been farming professionally since 1996. His new book Growing Tomorrow, Behind the Scenes with 18 Extraordinary Sustainable Farmers Who Are Changing the Way We Eat debuted October 2015 by the award-winning press The Experiment.

13 responses to “900 Chickens?!”

  1. Amy and Mike

    Thank you for giving up your weekends for us. We appreciate you and your 1000 chickens!

    –Your grateful shoppers at Arlington Courthouse Farmers Market

  2. Kate Gatski

    Loved this post! What a great story. It’s such a great description of what “meet your farmer” really means. It can be so basic and so powerful for people. Well done!!!

  3. Nancy Smith

    I think that is great in what you are doing I would love to eat your chickens lol and their eggs because of the chicken houses I DON’T EAT much chicken ………….

  4. Valerie lack

    Personally I applaud you on sustainable, environmentally natural and humane farming methods.
    I wish that all farmers in all parts of the world would farm this way. Thank you on behalf of everyone I love, for all your late nights and early mornings. It doesn’t matter that you are not farming here in our country, because i think that due to our interconnectedness in this world if one person does the right things sooner or later others will follow.
    A grateful consumer

  5. Susan

    How do you keep the hawks from feasting? We have been heartbroken time after time and need advice.

  6. Beth Rankin

    Lots of insight here…thanks

  7. Betty Joseph

    What my 150 chickens wouldn’t give for that beautiful green grass here in S. CA. Seasonal winter grass about ready to go brown.

  8. Demetra Vagias

    This is what it means to have love for yourself, your neighbor, the animals, and mother earth!
    May you be an example to all those farmers and consumers who are fast asleep!
    I may not buy from you (I am a Chicagoan) but I buy from farmers who share your philosophy and wisdom:)

    A very genuine THANK YOU!

  9. Peggy Gower

    Hi Forrest –
    Great post, thanks. I am curious though, what do you do about hawks? We have had a small flock of free range chickens for about 10 years and just this year lost all but one to a hawk. I’m trying to figure out how to keep them safe and still free range them. Any ideas?


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