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Smith Meadows is a grass based farm with a commercial kitchen. Both our meat and kitchen products are available for sale at our farm store and at farmers’ markets in the DC area.

All animals at Smith Meadows are raised in a free-range environment, without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Furthermore, we use no commercial chemicals of any kind on our farm.

For those living near Berryville, Virginia, we encourage you to visit the farm to purchase our products. See for yourself how the animals are raised. The farm store is based on an honesty policy. Located next door to the commercial kitchen, please go in and assist yourself with meat, pasta and eggs and we trust that you will pay for your items. If you think you will need assistance, please call ahead to see if a family member would be available.

Please stop by one of several farmers’ markets in the metropolitan Washington, DC area in which we participate.

Please call toll-free 540-955-4389.

We accept Cash, Checks, Visa and MasterCard.

Please click on the images/titles below for the appropriate product and price list.

23 responses to “Smith Meadows Products”

  1. Linda Schnaible

    Just finished reading “Gaining Ground” and enjoyed it very much! It motivated us to stop by the farm this past week and make a couple of purchases and take a look around. Had the Italian sausage with breakfast this morning and it Wes fabulous! I’ll be back for sure!

    1. Forrest Pritchard

      Wonderful, thank you Linda!

  2. Guy Young

    I too just finished “Gaining Ground” and enjoyed your story. Hope to visit soon and make a purchase. Good job Forrest! Can’t wait to see your farm.

  3. Kavitha Wagner

    I live in PA with my husband and son. I have a huge organic garden and this year plan to expand and even try canning. I just read your book and it has inspired me to do more! We can’t wait to visit your farm and buy some good meat, even though I’m a vegetarian 😉 Excellent book! Kavi Wagner

    1. Forrest Pritchard

      Thanks Kavi! I eat mostly vegetarian too 🙂

  4. Cat

    Just finished reading, “Gaining Ground” and I wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I am so very thankful that you wrote it and shared your experiences for others. Congratulations on saving the family farm which is just a huge success! Your father sounded like such a nice man and supportive of you in every way. I am certain he lives on in your heart and, of course, beyond this world. I learned a lot from your trials and errors but also from your shear determination, and I am inspired as we begin our own adventure on 20 acres in Florida. Grass farming and fixing things. I wonder if Travis is still working with you and your family.

    1. Forrest Pritchard

      Thank you, Cat. Yes, Travis is still here and doing well!

  5. Corey Morgan

    Forest thanks for writing such an excellent book. I too live in Clarke County and my family owns a farm in Boyce, Virginia. I live in Washington, D.C. but travel home every weekend to assist on the farm, learn the business, and attempt to preserve our family’s history. The work is hard but the reward is definitely fulfilling. Would love to visit one weekend.

  6. Kirk Webber

    Hi, we usually stay at the B and B when we come to Berryville to visit the Barns of Rose Hill. I know that the B and B isn’t open yet, but is the farm store open? We might be stopping by the morning of 24 March to pick up some more of your great products! Say Hi to Betsy from Kirk and Jo-Ann Webber.

    1. Forrest Pritchard

      Yes, it certainly is! And will do 🙂

  7. Donna Blessing

    I heard you speak at the VA Festival of the Book a week ago. I was the person who suggested that you, Edward Davis and Mark Essig should team up and present a comedy act on the fun in farming. I enjoyed your presentation and so did all of the participants I spoke with. We all agreed it was one of the best of the Festival. I bought Gaining Ground, and although I expected to learn about how you got to where you are now, I did not expect the tremendous belly laughs that emerged as I pictured your adventures with the wood, the chickens and the freezer cover that fell off the truck. The book is a non-stop read and I hope to visit your farm soon. My daughter has a small sustainable garden and also raises bees and chickens. My grandparents farmed in up-state N.Y. and sold their produce to the “summer ” people in the late 1800’s. I, too, gathered eggs from my grandfather’s chicken coop and plucked tomatoes from his garden. Thanks for stepping out in this “old” adventure of farming and making it shine for the rest of us who actually get it.

  8. Sabrina

    I love the drive out to visit your farm. We try to go at least once a month. It’s one of those days I look forward to to just relax and know that when I pull onto the long driveway I’m about to get some of the best tasting and healthy food for my family. My youngest loves the beef jerky and your eggs taste better than any other we’ve tried. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Forrest Pritchard

      Thank you Sabrina! We’re grateful for the support 🙂

  9. Nathan Bales

    Hi Forrest! We met you at a farmer’s market in Arlington right after your book came out. We were so impressed we bought your book on the spot. Here’s the review I wrote on Amazon for your book. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME! MUST READ!, July 15, 2016
    Verified Purchase This review is from: Gaining Ground: A Story of Farmers’ Markets, Local Food, and Saving the Family Farm (Kindle Edition)
    This book is excellent! Should be required reading in every school in the country! Forrest’s writing style grabbed me from the first page and kept me hooked right to the end of the book. As a master gardener and someone who has been doing organic gardening for over 40 years, I really enjoyed this book!
    Sincerely, Nathan Bales

    1. Forrest Pritchard

      Wow, THANK YOU Nathan, I’m very grateful. Truly appreciate the support.

  10. Sharon OHara

    Question for you learned folks. Does range free imply that these chickens are not fed any GMO corn. Learn me!

    1. Forrest Pritchard

      Hi Sharon, I wouldn’t say that “free-range” implies non-GMO feed; more of a system of non-confinement than a trophic consideration. As always, bas to simply ask your farmer!

  11. Joe Milne

    I read Gaining Ground a couple of years ago when it first came out. I gave it to someone to read and needed another dose of it’s motivating power so I just bought another copy and had my second inspired journey through it. My wife and I have taken over the family farm and after almost 25 years of working full time off farm, we are nearing the place where we can farm on a more full time basis. Gaining Ground gives hope to all of us with the dream of seeing the fruits of our labours on the kitchen tables of happy customers. I feel so blessed to have found your book and the hidden gems that each chapter holds.

    1. Forrest Pritchard

      Terrific, thank you Joe. May you experience much success and satisfaction in your work!

  12. Cara wyse

    What grade of meat do you have?

  13. Marilyn Brown

    Your book has been York County’s “one county, one book”, a library based event yearly encouraging as many as possible to read the same book. many book clubs have open sessions to discuss the book. I have read all of the books since this program started, but put this one off as I wasn’t sure that I could get interested in it. Little did I know!!!! It is a fabulous book and I am duly impressed with your perseverance over the years. a touch of laughing- out- loud even happened occasionally. you are a real humanitarian, a good family man, and a testament that hard work pays off. both of you keep up the great work and God Bless. we will be driving down from York soon to shop. thanks for the opportunity. Marilyn Brown, York, PA

  14. Patricia Bertovic

    Gaining Ground is one of my favorite books….have read it twice and it the selection for this months book club. My husband and I plan to visit your farm early April so we can buy your meats to serve at the book club lunch. Thank you for writing of your experiences and so happy for your success.

    1. Forrest Pritchard

      How nice, thank you Patricia! We look forward to your visit, and please say “hi” to your book club for me! -Forrest

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