Free Range Meat Products and Pricing

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Items for Sale at Farmers Market and Our Farm Store

All animals at Smith Meadows are raised in a free-range environment, without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Furthermore, we use no commercial chemicals of any kind on our farm.


For those living near Berryville, Virginia, we encourage you to visit the farm to purchase your meat and see for yourself how the animals are raised. Our store is based on an honesty policy. Located next door to the Bed and Breakfast, please go in and assist yourself with meat, pasta and eggs and we trust that you will pay for your items. If you think you will need assistance, please call ahead to see if a family member would be available.

Please stop by one of several farmers’ markets in the metropolitan Washington, DC area in which we participate.

Please call toll-free 540-955-4389.

We accept Cash, Checks, Visa and MasterCard.

Free Range Beef


Sirloin $12.99/lb Delmonico $14.99/lb
Skirt or Flank $12.99/lb NY Strip  $16.99/lb
Filet Mignon $23.00/lb


Chuck Roast $7.50/lb Sirloin Tip $9.50/lb
Brisket $9.50/lb
Eye of Round $9.50/lb

Beef Sausages

Basil Garlic $9.50/lbNitrate Free Hot Dogs $8.99/lb Sweet Italian $9.50/lbSnack Sticks $1.75/e

Other Beef

Ground Beef $7.99/lb Hamburger Patties $8.50/lb
Stew Cubes $8.50/lb Fajita/Sandwich Strips $6.00/ pack
Soup Bones $3.99/lb Ox-Tail/Liver/Tongue/Heart  $4.99/lb
Short Ribs $6.99/lb Skewer Cubes $12.99/lb
Beef Tongue $4.99/lb Marrow Bones $4.99/lb

Free Range Pork


Rosemary Garlic $8.99/lb Chorizo $8.99/lb Bratwurst $8.99/lb
Sweet Italian $7.99/lb Hot Italian $7.99/lb Brown Sugar $7.99/lb
Breakfast Links $7.99/lb Sage Sausage $8.99/lb Ground Pork $7.99/lb

Other Pork

Bacon $8.99/lb Boneless Pork Shoulder Roast $8.50/lb
Center Cut Loin Chops  $8.99/lb Ponhaus/Scrapple $6.99/lb
Spare Ribs $6.99/lb Pork Loin Fish (for medallions) $13.99/lb
Pork Loin Roast  $13.99/lb Pork Lard $5/pint

Free Range Lamb

Lamb Chops $16.99 lb Soup Bones $4.99/lb
Lamb Stew Cubes $11.99/lb Ground Lamb  $11.99/lb
Leg of Lamb $11.99/lb Lamb Sausage $11.99/lb
Lamb Ribs (breast) $4.99/lb Lamb Shank $11.99/lb

Free Range Eggs

One Dozen $5.00 Half Dozen $2.50

Free Range Poultry

Pasture Raised Broilers $4.99/lb Chicken Parts or Organs $4.99/lb