Because Mamma Said So...

Because Mamma Said So…

My mother has always made me minestrone- not the Progresso stuff with bloated, over-cooked noodles and beans. She made a fresh soup from what she had in the garden. Nonetheless, as a kid, I never wanted to eat it. Now that my taste buds are more mature, I love it…

Everybody Pile On

Wednesday Morning on the Farm

When the cattle and sheep are moved onto fresh pasture, I get a visit with the girls. It’s always worth a photograph or two.

Pork Spare Ribs Recipes

Pork Spare Ribs Recipes

First come, first served at all of our markets. We will have copies of the following recipes for you to take home.

Smith Meadows Oatcakes, Keswick Creamery Camembert & Next Step Produce Strawberries

Artisanal Oatcakes: Hand Crafted Hype or Economics of Craftsmanship

How our oatcake production stands against the lost meaning of ARTISANAL in an economics of craftsmanship…

Herb Garden at Smith Meadows Kitchen

White Bean & Herb Pesto

One advantage of the mild winter is that our tarragon, parsley, sage, lavender and rosemary have emerged triumphant. A few plants, however, are hardly enough…

Daffodil at Smith Meadows, Spring 2012

A Botanist’s Tour of the Farm

On a misty morning with high humidity in March it’s difficult to not stop and smell ALL the daffodils blooming along the lane at Smith Meadows.

How do you like it? (image from

How are you eating lately?

Food is personal. Today’s post describes the importance of eating well and living well and invites you to follow our kitchen page on Facebook. Buon Appetito!

Smith Meadows meat filled empanadas with a lard based crust

Not Just a By-Product

Smith Meadows lard is wet rendered from the fattiest parts of our grass-fed hogs in a small family operated butcher shop. Nothing is added to it: no preservatives, no chemicals. It is simply a healthy source of essential fats.

Smith Meadows Oatcakes & Soup

Branching out with Hearty Winter Fare

We are making tasty, hearty and healthy soups, chili, oat cakes and more so you won’t have to. Buon Appetito!