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Prognostica, the Doomsday Cow. Read all the way to the bottom to learn her shocking prediction for 2013!

How I Can Guarantee that the Mayan Apocalypse Won’t Happen

Introducing Prognostica, the Doomsday Cow.

Secret Chinese Ingredients: Chung Choi and Go Pi

Soup Recipe from a Great Customer

Helen, one of my Del Ray regulars, is originally from Hawaii. She loves to get our oxtail for a soup that she learned to make from her mom.

Could Your Local Farmers' Market Stay Open Year Round?

Could Your Local Farmers’ Market Stay Open Year Round?

3 tips to keep your local market humming throughout the depths of winter.



    Our friend Molly Peterson took this photo of our cattle, and we supplied the caption. Feel free to share it!  

Beyond college, education continues. We offer a year-long apprenticeship on our farm, and send out two new farmers each year. To learn more, go to this this URL:

The Rise of the College Educated Farmer

A new generation of college graduates are starting their own farms. Are they going to make it?