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Apprentice Aaron Johnson leads the herd

Moving the Cattle

Today the cattle were in a sweet spot to be moved to fresh pasture. With temperatures still rising into the 90’s each day, it is important to take advantage of a cool morning.

Forrest Pritchard readying to process more chickens

Processing Chickens

Forrest built his processing facility for chickens in 2009. It was an impressive design for such a tight spot. There are sloped cement floors that allow the mess of butchering to flow into a gravel pit.

Stinging Nettles boiled for 20 minutes

Stinging Nettles Pasta

One of my food adventures on my trip to Italy in 2010 was to make pasta with my mother.

Healthy Calves Say Hello at Smith Meadows

Cooling Off in the Summer

Summer can be brutal with temperatures  reaching above 90 almost every day in Virginia. It’s hard to keep cool. Luckily the cattle at Smith Meadows have many trees that offer them protection and relief …